Power of the Purse

Our first offering in the market is a 7-step programme developed specifically for women. We provide a holistic approach to understanding money and investing: how to manage it, how to make more, how to save more and how to invest more for the long-term. The content is split into three main components: 1) debunking stereotypes, developing a money mindset and money habits, 2) learning about money and how to manage it and 3) how to build your financial future by investing (including pensions). And if you would like to invest for social impact, we will show you how easy this is. The programme provides a step-by-step framework inspiring women to build courage and take action, one step at a time.


1) Debunking stereotypes, developing the money mindset and money habits

We debunk the stereotypes about women and money. We uncover the limiting money beliefs you may have and the money habits that may be sabotaging your efforts. We help you develop a new model of the world so you can get out of your own way.


2) Learning about money and how to manage it

Learn the principles of money and wealth accumulation. Develop clarity and ease around money. Assess your financial situation and work out what you need to do using a variety of tools. Build your knowledge and skills so you have more control over your money knowing that you can handle whatever comes your way.


3) How to build your financial future by investing

Know your value, learn the basics of investing and build your knowledge about how to grow and protect your money over the long-term. Explore the tools and platforms available to set-up and contribute to a pension and a low-cost, balanced, diversified investment portfolio.