Founder: Jana Hlistova

Founder: Jana Hlistova


About Me

I’m a wealth creator, entrepreneur, thinker and activist dedicated to empowering women.

My focus is on women-centred innovation and female market intelligence in financial services and the business sector.

I stand for women's financial empowerment, gender lens investing, women investing in women, entrepreneurship, technology and social impact.

My personal mission is to level the playing field for women. I believe that women, women entrepreneurs and women investors are reshaping the future of business and innovation.

My Credentials

I am a founder of 3 female-focused start-ups including a diversity recruitment and HR tech business for which I raised investment and generated revenue well into the six-figures in 1.5 years.

I have 17 years+ in senior business development and commercial management in tech, digital, media and telecoms. I have achieved commercial targets up to £2m.

My Education

I have a Masters Degree in Information Systems from the London School of Economics and a Bachelors of Science in Business Economics (including econometrics, accounting).

My story: It all started when…

...I experienced my very own financial shock a few years back and I woke up to how important it is to look after our own money, protect our personal wealth and consistently build our financial future, every single day.

It’s true: we must know how to make money and ask for more but we must also know how to hang on to it, look after it and make it grow.

We can never foresee financial shocks. They are unpredictable and often have a significant impact on our lives which is why we must always be prepared.

I reflected on the financial decisions I made and the financial decisions I didn’t make for myself. And how our life choices impact our money.

I became obsessed with learning everything I could about money, personal finance and investing. I revisited everything I had studied as a graduate in economics and management.

There seemed little information and advice for women based on their different life choices. And so much of the information seemed incomplete or insufficient.

I tried to find a community of experienced women I could talk to about money, but I couldn’t find one, and meeting with male financial advisors did not provide the answers I was looking for.

As I reset, regenerated, rebuilt myself financially and started investing again, I realised that my experience had uncovered a problem shared by many other women of all ages and which I had solved for myself by developing a very practical, step-by-step process or blueprint for managing and growing your money.

I realised how much I wanted to share all of my learnings with other women and to inspire them to engage around their money within a supportive community.

For women, I believe that being in control of our money and our financial future is owning our power and knowing our self-worth.

My Background

Born in the Czech Republic, raised in Australia and the UK, I love new ideas, changing the order of things, connecting people and solving problems..

I am an eternal optimist.

You can connect with me on Twitter @Janicka or email me at Or connect to The Purse @jointhepurse