The Purse
The Purse
We aim to empower women financially.

Women have a different life trajectory compared to men and are exposed to more financial risk over the course of their life.

On average, women still earn less than men. Women have more career interruptions, work in part-time, temporary or insecure employment and live longer than their male partner. More marriages end in divorce and women are single for longer.

Women are making different life choices and sometimes, life happens.

Despite this women are less engaged when it comes to money and tend to save less and invest less.

However report after report says that women want to learn more about money and investing.

Women increasingly hold the purse strings.

In fact, we are in the midst of a $22trillion shift in assets to women and women will own $72trillion in private wealth by 2020.

Women are now the primary breadwinners and make over 85% of all household decisions. And nine out of ten women will be the sole decision-maker in their household about their finances at one point in their life.

But money is still considered a taboo subject and often women experience difficult emotions around money which can make it tricky to open up about it, seek help and develop the skills they need.

At The Purse, we debunk stereotypes around women and money, help women gain clarity and empower women financially so they can take money matters into their own hands.

We show women why budgeting is not enough and how to engage around their money today and for the long-term. Every woman is an investor or certainly should be.

We tailor everything we do to women and speak their language within an open and supportive community where we can all continue to learn together.

Our mission is to help women take control of their financial future.


Build your financial future.