financial wellness and work

Employers that focus on developing financial wellness in their female workforce have much to gain. Women who are not concerned about their finances are happier in the workplace and more productive. According to research, employers who support financial wellness practices for women are more likely to achieve greater gender equity in their company over time, compared to those that do not.

money matters for women

Women with lower levels of financial wellness are more likely to worry about their short-term finances such as credit card debt and recurring monthly expenses. Women with higher levels of financial wellness are more concerned with expenses that will impact their future such as their pension and long-term care for their partner.


How The Purse can help

We meet women where they are and aim to build their financial knowledge and as well as their financial courage. Everything we do it designed for women by women. We understand how important it is to provide support which caters to women’s specific life choices and decisions, on their terms. We provide an open, supportive and collaborative community where ‘talking about money is the new normal.’

Coaching, workshops, training, talks

We provide one-on-one coaching, group coaching, workshops and training based on the 7-step programme outlined. We can customise the programme or deliver a custom offering based on specific requirements. We harness digital tools to improve the learning process and application.